Top Gadgets for your Retro Kitchen

1950's Kitchen
Retro kitchen from the 1950s complete with stove, refrigerator, chrome dinette set, percolator, toaster, bread box and radio

According to kitchen trend experts in real estate the newest kitchen trends will continue to add more color to our lives. Good news for those of us who have fallen in love with retro kitchen appliances and decor!

When I think about kitchen appliances, I usually think about the big ones; the fridges, the stoves, even microwaves. It’s easy to forget that you can move towards a retro kitchen look with your choices of small kitchen appliances. Let’s look at a few fun kitchen gadgets that can spice up that retro look and be fun too!

Nostalgia 6-Quart Electric Ice Cream Maker

ICE Cream Maker

Did you have an ice cream maker when you were a kid? My family didn’t, but my best friend Liz did…well, her grandpa did. Every once in a while I’d be at her house when that creamy goodness would be coming out of the freezer. My mouth still waters when I think about Grandpa Joe and his “chocolate chocolate” ice cream.

Well, those memories seem like yesterday when you use the Nostalgia 6 quart Wood Bucket Ice Cream Maker at home. I’m not kidding. It performs as promised. Any ice cream maker this cute is going to fit into your retro kitchen easily. But it won’t feel like “the old days” when you realize that the powerful motor does all the work for you. No more sore, tired arms from taking your turn at the handle.

If you’ve chilled down the ice cream base in the freezer the night before, you’ll be able to have homemade ice cream in less than ½ hour. I think this is one that you might want just for the fun factor. Click Here to invigorate the next family party.

chocolate ICE Cream

There’s a nifty little starter kit you might want to pick up. It contains everything you need to get going, and if you’re new to ice cream making, it will feel great to have your first experience be a success, right?

Nostalgia ICE Cream

The starter kit contains one chocolate and one vanilla mix, 4 pounds of rock salt, and the instructions – make sure you have milk and heavy cream on hand, but that’s all you need to add to the mix. Click Here to pick up your starter kit.

Russell Hobbs Retro Style 2-Slice Toaster


Some people are going to want this little number because it’s such a beautiful shade of red. Others will like that it adds just a splash of that retro kitchen look without having to buy all new large appliances. Everyone’s going to love the warmer basket on top of the toaster so that you can FINALLY warm up a pastry or dinner roll without having to use the microwave! Remove the rack for regular toasting.

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If you’re trying to add a bit of retro to your kitchen, this appliance is probably worth investing in, because it looks pretty cool on your countertop….oh, and the toaster also comes in black. My friend Kalli sent this one with her daughter to college. It was a hit!  Click Here if you’re ready to bring this home.

Vintage Gas Station Salt and Pepper Shaker Set for your Retro Kitchen

Salt and Pepper Shaker

This fun little set would be an excellent gift for someone even if they don’t have a retro kitchen. Your classic car loving husband would probably love to have this out on the patio. And everyone has a friend who collects fun salt-n-pepper sets…this would be a fantastic addition. I like the glass salt and pepper shakers. They feel just like the ones Grandma had out at the cabin. ClickHere.   

Retro Canister Set

Retro Canister Set

Another item in the retro kitchen decor line that I like is the Retro Canister Set. Each of these is air-tight and holds two cups. PLEASE NOTE only 2 cups. They are not counter canister set that you imagine. They would, however, be cute for beverage condiments. If you had a coffee/tea beverage area in your home, these would work well and look adorable. I can imagine putting them in an art studio or guest room too. The canister lids come in aqua, blueberry, and red. Ready to add this for a gift?  Click Here

KitchenAid 1800 Watt Countertop Convection Oven


I bought my countertop convection oven in stainless steel two years ago. But now, with retro kitchens becoming even more popular, it’s coming out in multiple colors that will blend in at whatever level of retro you want to achieve. Even yellow! I chose stainless because I wanted a convection oven IMMEDIATELY, and at the time, I didn’t know much about our new kitchen. This one has not let me down. I’d choose it again in a heartbeat.

The old style toaster ovens could never do real baking, or toasting, for that matter. (Think burnt pop-tarts when you were in jr. high, or the one-sided toast/bread your mother tried to pass off at breakfast).

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But my KitchenAid bakes my dense banana bread recipe as thoroughly as my large oven does; all without heating up the kitchen or using so much energy. The heat distributes evenly throughout the toaster unit. That’s not true of all toaster/convection ovens, but this one does the job.

It’s a breeze to clean. The tray easily wipes clean, although I do like to use an oven liner. I literally can go months without turning the large oven on because the KitchenAid Convection oven is large enough for a 12-inch pizza and strong enough to do a great job.


I’ve used it for baking fish and chicken as well. It handles high temperatures evenly. When you’re ready to get serious about your countertop cooking, Click Here so you can buy one of the best.

Russell Hobbs Retro Style Coffee Maker

Coffee Maker

I’ve become a fan of the 10-cup coffee maker. And, it turns out that Russell Hobbs makes a retro coffee maker that’s ideal. It has an old gas gage style window showing the brewing progress. The showerhead for dispensing water over the grounds works very well. Much better than in my old pot where it seemed my spray arm often pulled the filter over into the ground basket. YUCK! (Hate those coffee ground disasters!)

There are lots of other retro coffee makers out there, but this is one of the few that has that beautiful round edge.  Almost everything else is square. You know it’s just too fun to have this coffee maker, at least in your office, or out at the cabin.  Click Here to pick it up.

Well, there’s a lot of “retro” to think about here. If you are looking to add a bit of old school twist to your kitchen, I hope you’ve found something here to drool over.  

By Susan McCahan

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