Sonoro-Kate Weighted Blanket Review

Waking up rested is more important than ever and a Sonoro-Kate Weighted Blanket can be just the ticket. Weighted blankets were designed specifically to relieve stress and create a sense of calmness. Who doesn’t need some major relaxation and stress relief these days? The deep touch pressure stimulation you feel from being under a weighted… Continue reading Sonoro-Kate Weighted Blanket Review

Mandalas for Stress Relief – Adult Coloring Pages

abstract green painted picture with circle pattern, mandala of anahata chakra

Feeling stressed? Some people go for a long walk, others drink a glass of wine. A few work out, and many turn to meditation. While there are lots of ways to relieve stress, a new and exciting tool to add to your toolbox for stress relief is coloring mandalas. Why Use Mandalas for Stress Relief… Continue reading Mandalas for Stress Relief – Adult Coloring Pages