Sonoro-Kate Weighted Blanket Review

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Waking up rested is more important than ever and a Sonoro-Kate Weighted Blanket can be just the ticket. Weighted blankets were designed specifically to relieve stress and create a sense of calmness. Who doesn’t need some major relaxation and stress relief these days?

The deep touch pressure stimulation you feel from being under a weighted blanket has a calming effect on the body. The Sonoro-Kate Weighted Blanket is the perfect solution to calm the nervous system without the need for medication!

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How Do Weight Blankets Create Deep Pressure? 

Weighted blankets are filled with glass or plastic beads to add weight. Some might also have extra layers of fabric to increase weight. 

Benefits of deep contact pressure stimulation.
Benefits of a Weighted Blanket

The Sonoro-Kate Weighted Blanket comes in different weights and sizes for kids, teens, and adults. Weighted blankets are not designed for infants and toddlers. They can pose some safety risks for such young children.

Older children find comfort and sleep benefits when using weighted blankets. They are also beneficial to children diagnosed with behavioral conditions, including Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

What is the Benefit of a Weighted Blanket if You Have ADHD?

It is difficult for many children with ADHD to calm down and self-regulate. According to CHADD (Children and Adults with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder), a weighted blanket can be helpful to calm an over-stimulated mind. 

Occupational therapists have used these blankets for ages to help with sensory issues and anxiety, including ADHD. But the blankets are no longer just an occupational therapist’s tool. They have become mainstream and extremely popular for children diagnosed with behavioral conditions because they work.

Just How Does the Sonoro-Kate Weighted Blanket Work?

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Sonoro-Kate Weighted Blankets work similarly to a technique called deep touch therapy (DTP) where therapists work with deep pressure points. Putting pressure on the body can increase the release of dopamine and serotonin in the brain. Serotonin is often referred to as the “happy” chemical because it creates a sense of calm and well-being. 

Many of the struggles associated with ADHD can make it hard for kids to feel calm. These challenges include: 

  • Managing emotions
  • Coping with feelings of fear
  • Calming down after an outburst or overexcitement
  • Dealing with stress
  • Settling down at night
Different ways you can use a weighted blanket.

Other conditions can cause these difficulties, such as; autism, anxiety, and stress. With all of these issues, a weighted blanket can boost serotonin levels and help kids self-regulate and feel calm.

Aside from helping with ADHD, the Sonoro-Kate weighted blanket can also:

  • Be used for at-home therapy
  • Calm down a restless body and improve sleep troubles
  • Help improve physical and mental health
  • Release dopamine and serotonin 
  • Help with restless leg syndrome
  • Ease tense muscles
  • Help with arthritis and fibromyalgia

What is Important to Know Before Buying the Sonoro-Kate Weighted Blanket?

Diagram of how to select the best size and weight for your blanket.

If you think you may purchase a Sonoro-Kate weighted blanket for you or your child, consider some factors such as weight and fabric. 

The ‘right’ weight is a matter of preference. The heaviness that feels good to you might not be right for another person of the same age and size. For example, many kids prefer blankets that are heavier than you’d expect, given their weight. 

If buying the Sonoro-Kate weighted blanket for your child, it is important to observe their tendencies. If you see that he/she piles on extra blankets at night, consider how many and how heavy the blankets feel. If your child asks for mighty tight hugs or prefers heavy clothing or dressing in layers, that may also give you an idea.

When choosing the weight of your child’s Sonoro-Kate weighted blanket, It is extremely important to remember that no matter what feels best, the blanket must be light enough for your kiddo to move when they need to. You will also want to make sure it will not be too hot for the child or they may not want to use it regularly.

Fabric can also be a big factor. The material of your weighted blanket will make a huge difference to its comfort. The Sonoro-Kate weighted blanket is made from 100% cotton. 

Cotton is a lightweight fabric, so it will not disturb your blanket’s chosen weight after production. Another plus to cotton is how easy it is to wash! 

What are Some Other Interesting Facts About the Sonoro-Kate Weighted Blanket?

A description and picture of a pile of glass beads that are inside the Sonoro-Kate weighted blanket.

The Sonoro-Kate weighted blanket is filled with non-toxic high-density glass beads that spread evenly and obediently throughout the blanket. Choosing glass beads over plastic pellets offers better temperature control and silence. You won’t be able to hear your beads tumbling around inside your blanket whenever you move so they will never disrupt your valuable sleep!

The Sonoro-Kate weighted blanket is made from 100% cotton. The lightweight and soft feeling of the fabric will add comfort while using your weighted blanket.

Unlike other weighted blanket products, the Sonoro-Kate blanket’s weight only refers to the filler glass beads and does not include the fabric’s weight. 

The Sonoro-Kate weighted blanket has medium-size compartments sewed into the fabric for even distribution and a perfect fit for the body! The inner lining has two layers of microfibers to prevent any glass bead from leaking.

You will find it a top-grade weighted blanket sure to provide tranquility and ease. 

Consider the Sonoro-Kates Weighted Blanket for a Non-Medical Way to Relieve Stress!

With the Sonoro-Kates weighted blanket’s careful and discreet design, you’ll feel the weight of the blanket wrap around you with gentle pressure for the perfect embrace. It is exactly what is needed to reduce stress.

The weighted blanket draped over an easy chair.

Before you know it, you will find yourself calm and serene. It is the perfect way to drift off into the restful sleep you deserve, so you are ready to take on tomorrow. 

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