Silicone Rings For Active People

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What? Silicone rings? Why would I want to wear a silicone ring instead of my beautiful, expensive wedding band? That’s just crazy talk!

I’m here to tell you…there are many reasons why, with the first and foremost being safety…finger safety. Does that sound dramatic? It IS dramatic!

How many people do you know who have had their finger swell so much they had to have their ring cut off? Sometimes it’s due to an accident, and sometimes it’s from too much Pad Thai over the weekend.

Either way, you can’t get that ring off. It can be painful and dangerous! Sometimes cutting the ring off is the only way to save the finger.

Why Buy Silicone Rings?

Silicone wedding rings have become a recent trend for people who live an active lifestyle. These rings are a safe alternative to your traditional wedding bands.

Silicone rings are comfortable, attractive, and designed to break away if caught on something that won’t give. There is not a ring on the planet that is worth losing a finger over!

Where would I wear a silicone wedding ring?

  • Work

People who participate in activities that could damage the ring, or injure their finger are prone to leaving the ring at home. Many people work in industries that are not conducive to wearing rings.

Military Officer wearing a silicone wedding ring

For example, firefighters, airplane mechanics, professional athletes, police, military… these fields and many more can put your ringed fingers at risk. People in these fields are prime candidates to wear silicone wedding rings. 

  • Vacation

Woman wearing a silicone ring. She is getting ready to scuba dive

 Many people don’t wear expensive wedding bands when they are on vacation. The risk of having jewelry lost or stolen is not worth it.

Scuba diving, zip-lining, deep-sea fishing…all things where you could lose a wedding ring, or have an injury. Silicone rings are a great alternative to wear while keeping your “real” rings in the safe at home.

Young woman wearing leather gloves to protect her hands while ziplining

  • Play

Active lifestyles such as CrossFit, weightlifting, basketball, rock-climbing…all activities that can not only damage your ring but put you at risk for losing a finger.

Dunking a basketball or hopping over a fence have both been known to separate a finger from the hand. This injury is called ring avulsion, or degloving.

Woman wearing silicone ring while ziplining

Ring Avulsion

What exactly is ring avulsion? Ring avulsion occurs when you catch your ring on something as you fall or jump.

Violently torn off your finger, the ring takes the flesh, muscle, and tendons with it. Ouch! Ortho Bullets, a physician learning community, goes into quite a bit of detail on the subject but be warned, the pictures are graphic and pretty disturbing. also discusses the phenomenon. They make a point of saying this injury can happen to anyone, not just those in high-risk careers. Anyone with an active lifestyle is at risk.

I mean, if it can happen to Jimmy Fallon in his own kitchen, it can happen to anyone. Jimmy tripped on a braided rug in his kitchen, caught his wedding ring on the edge of a table while he was falling, and nearly lost his finger.

In this YouTube video, Jimmy Fallon tells his story.

The University of Utah HealthFeed discusses what happened to Jimmy Fallon’s finger. “The ring ends up pulling the skin off,” says Douglas Hutchinson, M.D., a hand and microvascular surgeon with University of Utah Health Care.

“Then it pulls the arteries, tendons, and bones. It’s not a clean-cut at all, which makes it very difficult to fix.“ He goes on to say that most of these injuries cannot be fixed. They end up cutting the finger off.

Ring avulsion prevention with silicone rings

Silicone rings are made to break away if they get caught on something. The silicone ring will break, not your finger. The rings are affordable, so if you break it, it’s easy to replace.

They also come in matching sets if you and your partner want rings alike. You can buy them in sets that have a variety of colors to match your outfit or even stackable for a different look.

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With that said, I have done a review of silicone rings on the market. I have interviewed people that wear them, as well as researched feedback from buyers.

Below are the best of the batch.

Groove Life

Groove Life

This collection of silicone rings is my favorite of the choices. Although the most expensive, it is the best quality AND comes with a 94-year unlimited warranty! These are the best silicone rings you can get.  

Outdoor enthusiasts including rock-climbers have put this ring to the test and give it two thumbs up. It’s unique design with grooves on the inside allow a bit of airflow between your finger and the band.

Firefighters wearing silicone rings

This ring is made from soft silicone material on the outside, and a little bit sturdier on the inside making it feel like a traditional ring.

It’s comfortable to wear and durable enough for everyday use. Comes in a variety of sizes to accommodate women or men, and a variety of colors.

Rock Climber wearing silicone ring

These rings tend to sell fast, and some sizes are not available in certain colors. But check back often if you don’t find your size and color combination right away, as they restock regularly.

Click Here to see the options available today.


Safe Ringz

SafeRingz, the original silicone rings, are specifically designed to break away if under a specific pressure. This is to prevent ring avulsion that we discussed earlier. These silicone wedding rings are the best!

What I really like about these particular bands is that they actually look like traditional wedding rings. For the couple that really wants to honor their commitment with the wearing of a ring, these rings are the best  substitute and will keep their finger safe.

couple wearing silicone wedding rings

One cool aspect of this company is that they donate a portion of their proceeds to the troops. They send free rings to the men and women protecting our country, keeping their fingers safe as well!

Medical grade, heat resistant, non-conductive… how can you go wrong?  Click Here to check out SafeRingz today.



This set of rings, designed for women and men, is made from a high-performance silicone that is both attractive as well as comfortable to wear.

It is also one of the styles available that are available in natural metal tones. The metal tones are so realistic looking people will think it is actually a wedding band!


ThunderFit rings are hypoallergenic and non-toxic, made from top-grade silicone. Perfect to wear anytime you are working in the yard, working out, or any physical activity.

These will keep your “real” rings from wear and tear while keeping your fingers safe from injury.

Click Here to check out the choices available from ThunderFit.

Enso Pyramid Stackables

Enso Pyramid Stackables

Enso Stackable silicone rings are one of the few styles of rings for women that are surprisingly fashionable. You can mix and match these to get whatever look you are going for.

They are low-profile and narrow so wearing two or three of them together does not feel bulky at all. Instead of a smooth surface, there is an attractive pyramid design that may be more appealing than some of the more basic models.

Enso Pyramid Stackables

Once again…hypoallergenic, medical-grade. You can do anything while wearing these rings! Never again will you need to remove your rings before an activity and accidentally misplace them.

The expensive wedding rings are safely tucked away at home. You can keep your rings in pristine condition to take out for special occasions knowing you have a great alternative to wear instead.

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With a Lifetime Quality Guarantee you have the assurance that if it breaks, they will send you a replacement. Click Here to buy yours now!



Saco silicone rings are produced specifically for men and have a variety of trendy colors including bronze, gunmetal gray, two shades of blue, white, and even camouflage!

They also have the metal look that so many folks have been looking for. You can buy a single band, or in a pack of seven different colors giving you a variety of choices.

silicone ring on guys hand

One woman said that after 20+ years of marriage her husband was never able to wear a ring because of his work. Then they found these Saco silicone rings and now he proudly wears his Saco ring without fear of an injury.

The matte finish in the center and high shine on the outer edges gives this ring a little edge over the plain rings. Click Here to check them out!

Are Silicone Rings Right For You?

All-in-all I think these silicone rings are fantastic! Keep your jewelry AND your fingers safe. I spent many years in the military, and most of us were unable to wear a wedding ring due to the hazard.

Now I am starting to see some folks wearing these new silicone rings. Most of them say their wives wear them too. Maybe it’s time to consider getting one for yourself, but they also make wonderful gifts.

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By CJ Bentley

"Don't let anyone rob you of your imagination, your creativity, or your curiosity. It's your place in the world; it's your life.” ~ Dr. Mae Jemison, Engineer, Physician, and NASA Astronaut

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