Otterbox Defender Cell Phone Case Review

Woman upset after dropping her cell phone without an Otterbox Defender case

Cell phones. There are few things we hold near and dear as our cell phones. It only makes sense that you protect this valuable device. In this OtterBox Defender Review, we will show you why your phone needs the Otterbox Defender smartphone case.

screen on cell phone

We often take our phones for granted. Or until butterfingers strikes again and the phone slips out of your hand or pocket or gets knocked off the table or desk. 

It’s easy to forget that they are much more than just a phone. They are a powerful handheld computer. With a few exceptions, you can do almost as much on your cell phone as you can on your computer. 

Four young people leaning on a wall holding cell phones wishing they had the Otterbox Defender protecting their phones.

In addition to being an everyday necessity, they are also quite an investment for most of us. Did I mention the price of cell phones these days? They can easily run upwards of $1,000.00, depending on the model you get.

Like anything else in life that we value, our cell phones are no different. They need our protection, and the OtterBox Defender series smartphone case is the protection your cell phone needs.

Cell Phone Cases 101

If you’ve ever been to the mall, or a flea market, or virtually any store you can think of, you can find cell phone cases. When it comes to cell phone accessories, no item is more diverse than the cell phone case. From mild to wild and anything in between, you can find a cell phone case to match your style.

A variety of designer cell phone cases.

Do you want a Hello Kitty case? You can find it. My Little Pony? Sure, no problemo. Solid color cases, multi-colored cases, hard case, soft case, folding case, wallet case, the options are virtually endless.

If you love animals or have a favorite sports team, you can find a case like that. You can even have a custom case made with your design or picture. 

However, if you are concerned about the safety and security of your valuable iPhone or Android, then that cute case with the little kitty ears and whiskers isn’t for you. You want a case that will protect your phone. You want the OtterBox Defender.

A look at the internal shock absorbing qualities of the Otterbox Defender phone case.

As with most things in life, cell phone cases are not created equal. A typical cell phone case purchased for fashion purposes and not the safety and security of your phone. That’s what separates the Otterbox Defender from the others. 

Our cell phones can often take a beating. No matter how careful you are, somewhere, sometime, somehow, we all drop our phones. No one wants to have to replace a broken screen, or worse, a broken cell phone.

That’s why the Otterbox Defender is the right protection for your smartphone. Whether it’s an iPhone, Samsung, Android, or whatever your chosen device, the Otterbox Defender will keep it safe from the unexpected.

The Otterbox Defender

The Otterbox Defender is made to last. Top-quality materials and designs provide the best protection for one of your most valuable possessions: your smartphone.

Easy access to ports needed to use your cell phone with the Otterbox case on it.

Manufactured with triple-layer construction, an inner shell, and outer slipcover, the Defender is as sturdy as they come. The combination of a solid internal shell and a resilient outer cover provides extra protection from everyday accidents like drops and scrapes.

This Defender series is screenless. Instead of the flimsy plastic screen covering, you can put whatever screen protector you like. Personally, I love the Otterbox Alpha glass best.  Within minutes your mobile phone will have the ultimate protection. I’ve been using Otterbox products for years and have never been disappointed. 

Multi-Layer Protection in the Otterbox Defender.


Dirt can enter your phone through ports and jacks that can wreak havoc with the sensitive electronics inside. The Otterbox Defender prevents this from happening with port covers, keeping unwanted dirt, dust, and debris from entering your phone.

Rotating belt clip and hands free kickstand on the Otterbox Defender phone case.

The Defender has a belt-clip holster, so if you like to have your phone at the ready, it can be clipped right to your belt. It can even be used as a kickstand to prop up your phone. Viewing cat videos was never so easy.

The Defender is a 3-piece design – a hard outer shell with an inner cushioned clamshell that snaps together. Within minutes your mobile phone will have the ultimate protection. I’ve been using Otterbox products for years and have never been disappointed. 


Otterbox Defender Phone Case

Our cell phones have become our lifeline to the world. Without your cell phone, you can feel lost, alone, naked, out of touch, and vulnerable.

Ok, maybe that last statement was a little on the dramatic side, but not by much. 

Where Can I Get One?

Our cell phones have become our lifeline to the world. Without your cell phone, you can feel lost, alone, naked, out of touch, and vulnerable.

So, where can you get one? Of course, the Otterbox Defender is not available at your mall kiosk, swap meet stand. You can find it right here. This little beauty comes in a variety of sizes that will protect nearly any phone you’ve selected to be your lifeline.

Attractive woman enjoying the mountains with her cell phone in her hand.

With a product of this caliber and quality, you can expect to pay more. As the saying goes, you get what you pay for. 

If this model is not what you are looking for, Otterbox makes a few other models as well. Check out our review of the Otterbox Symmetry, and the Otterbox Commuter.

You paid a lot of money for that shiny new iPhone, so don’t take any chances. Now, go and get yourself the Otterbox Defender and keep your mobile device safe and looking like new. Then the next time your phone slips out of your hand or your pocket, you’ll feel relieved knowing it’s in an Otterbox Defender.

By CJ Bentley

"Don't let anyone rob you of your imagination, your creativity, or your curiosity. It's your place in the world; it's your life.” ~ Dr. Mae Jemison, Engineer, Physician, and NASA Astronaut

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