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Are walks with your dog an all out battle? Do you worry your dog will slip out of the collar or harness and run away? Are you tired of looking like you and your dog both need obedience classes?  Read our review of the Julius K9 Power Harness.  It’s the answer to your problems.  

When using a dog vest, your primary concerns are your dog’s comfort and the ability to keep your dog safe from escaping. Fortunately, Julius K9 PowerHarness offers both features.

You’ll have the confidence knowing that your dog cannot escape from his dog vest and that he’s completely comfortable as well. The peace of mind that comes with this fantastic product is unbeatable.


If you need a new dog vest for your fur baby, the Julius K9 Power Harness might be just the ticket.Julius K9 brings you the most innovative and high-quality harnesses designed especially with your four-legged best friend’s needs in mind.

Check out these fantastic dog vests and see how you can make enjoying your time with your dog easy.

Durable and High-Quality


The Julius K9 Power Harness is made of high-quality materials, making it extremely durable. Using water-resistant and scratch-proof polyester, this harnesses will hold up through a variety of activities and terrain.

In addition to being durable, these harnesses are made with your pet’s comfort in mind. Okotex, a breathable type of cotton, gives this product a soft and gentle finish. A soft finish keeps your pet’s skin protected from rubs and rashes.

Heavy-duty buckles and adjustable straps make the Julius K9 Power Harness a long-lasting and strong product. These fantastic harnesses can withstand up to 300 kilograms of weight.

Regardless of your dog’s size, you’ll be prepared for any situation with the Power Harness.

Dog Harness

Julius K9 Power Harness for comfort

Keeping your dog comfortable is a priority when outfitting Fido in a dog vest. Whether you plan on using the harness for daily walks or training exercises, you want to ensure a comfortable fit that won’t rub or irritate your dog’s skin. You’ll also want to make sure the harness isn’t harming your dog in any way while wearing his vest.

The Julius K9 Power Harness is fully adjustable, allowing for the perfect fit for your best friend. Proper fit is essential to ensuring your pooch cannot slip out from or escape his harness.

These harnesses are so easy to size and fit to your pup, you won’t have to worry about them slipping out, and you’ll know that they feel fantastic while wearing one as well.

Easy Maintenance

The Julius K9 Power Harness is easy to care for and keep looking new. Scratch proof materials hold up even when your dog decides to trek through the bushes. The waterproof nature of the product allows for rain to run off instead of saturating the harness and making your dog uncomfortable.

To clean the harness, simply wipe off with a damp cloth. Use a little elbow grease for tough stains, and you’re good to go. You’ll love how easy it is to keep these harnesses clean and looking their best.

The one small drawback of these fabulous harnesses is that shed dog hair does tend to stick to them. Otherwise, this product is simple to care for and keep clean.

Dog With Harness

Custom Colors and Patches

One of the fun aspects of the Julius K9 Power Harness are the various options for customization. Choose the color that best suits you and your four-legged friend from a wide selection.

You’ll also enjoy the interchangeable patches you can purchase to add some humor or descriptors to your harness. You can choose from pre-made Julius K9 patches that read “gangster” or “turbo” or even create your own label of a phrase or name you desire.

Perfect for Any Dog and Discipline

Whether your dog is your companion, a working dog, service dog, or going through any type of training, the Julius K9 Power Harness is the perfect tool for you.

Well-made from only the best materials, as well as a comfortable and considerate design, you can’t go wrong with these fantastic dog vests.

Your dog will not only be easier to control and work with but will feel fantastic while wearing his Power Harness. You’ll love the peace of mind knowing your dog is safe from escape as well as comfortable.

Perfect for any dog breed and any discipline, the Julius K9 Power Harness will change the way you walk and work with your four-legged friend.

You’ll no longer need to worry about what will happen if your dog gets excited at the sight of other dogs or people or if something stressful causes your dog to react poorly on a walk. You’ll be in full control over your dog through any situation.

Dog With Leash

If you’re ready to experience a new way of walking or training your dog, click here to order your own Julius K9 Power Harness. You won’t regret the investment and your dog will thank you, too! And if you’re looking for dog training tools, check out our review of 9 of the best ones for you and your pal.  

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