Bully Sticks – Your Dogs Gonna Love ’em!

Dog Chewing the stick

Do you have a dog who loves to chew? Or maybe a dog who needs to chew to keep them busy and their teeth healthy? If your fur baby needs a new treat to keep them chewing and happy, check out Bully Sticks.

Your dog will enjoy gnawing on these fantastic natural chews, and you’ll feel good giving them something beneficial and healthy. If you want to provide only the best for your best friend, Bully Sticks are a perfect solution.

You might be familiar with the more traditional chews for dogs: rawhide bones, pressed rawhide, or rubber toys. Fortunately, with Bully Sticks, you can safely reward your pet with a delicious chew they’ll love, and one that is also beneficial to their teeth and gums. Not familiar with these fantastic products? Read on to see what the craze is all about.

Dog Chewing the stick

What Exactly Is a Bully Stick?

Bully Sticks are an all-natural chew for dogs. An excellent alternative to traditional rawhide, these single-ingredient chews are free of chemicals and preservatives and are also high in protein.

Providing your dog with a natural and safe treat is simple with Bully Sticks. If you have concerns when it comes to old-school dog treats with bad reputations, like rawhide treats, you’ll love offering your dog these healthy and natural chews. Big or small, your dog will enjoy gnawing on these treats as a great outlet for chewing tendencies.

Perfect For Your Dog’s Teeth

Owning a dog means caring for their every need. You make sure they have quality food, shelter, exercise, not to mention play-time and all the love you have to give. However, often a dog’s teeth can be forgotten. If you are looking for a great way to help keep your dog’s teeth and gums healthy, a Bully Stick is a fantastic way to keep teeth clean.

Bully Sticks work to scrape plaque and tartar away from your dog’s teeth as they gnaw and chew. Healthier and safer than other traditional chews, the durable Bully Stick will not only support dental hygiene but will provide your dog with long-lasting chewing fun.

At our house, we’ve been using bully sticks for several years, and every pet visit gets the same remarks from our vet.  “Wow, her teeth look fantastic. Good job on brushing.” Ha! We don’t. The bully sticks take care of all the plaque and tartar buildup.  

3 to 4″ Straight Bully Sticks

Straight Bully Sticks


There is a Bully Stick that will suit every dog’s size and needs. If you have a puppy or a smaller dog, the 3” to 4” Straight Bully Stick is a great place to start. Like all Bully Sticks, they consist only of one ingredient and come from free-range, grass-fed cattle.

Your puppy or small dog will love to gnaw and chew on these sticks while keeping their teeth and gums healthy. Providing a release for energy and chewing instinct, Bully Sticks are a safe way to encourage chewing.

Pawstruck 7″ Straight Bully Sticks

Straight Bully Sticks


If you have a larger dog, the 7” Pawstruck Straight Bully Stick is a fantastic option. These odorless and chemical free 7” long sticks will provide hours of entertainment and teeth-cleaning fun for your big dog.

Your best friend will enjoy these extra large thick Bully Sticks. Full of flavor yet safe, natural, and FDA and USDA approved, you’ll have the peace of mind knowing that your dog is chewing on a safe and healthy product. Click here to order these 7″ chews.

MONSTER Braided Bully Stick for Dogs

MONSTER Braided Bully Stick for Dogs

Do you have a huge dog or one that has a powerful chewing capacity? If you need something tough, durable, and long-lasting, the Monster Braided Bully Stick is just the chew for your massive dog.

Made with eight separate Bully Sticks braided together, your dog will enjoy hours of solid and beneficial chewing. Your aggressive chewer will love the flavor, and you will appreciate the fact that Bully Sticks are odorless.

Click here to offer your dog a safe and effective chew that will clean her teeth, occupy her time, and fulfill her need to chew.

Best Bully Sticks

Bully Sticks

Buying Bully Sticks in bulk can be a great way to save money. And, it guarantees you have enough of these treats on hand for your fur-baby. The Best Bully Sticks Supreme Bully Sticks come in a 25-pack to keep your dog or dogs chewing for days on end.

You will love having enough stock on hand not to have to worry about purchasing every few days, and your dogs will thank you as well! The Best Bully Sticks are, of course, all-natural, fully digestible and delicious. This safe alternative to rawhide is the perfect bulk solution to your dog’s chewing needs. Click here to pick up these treats

Treat Your Dog the Safe and Natural Way

There are so many reasons why these gems make a fantastic and safe treat for any dog. If you are looking for an alternative to rawhide treats, here’s an excellent choice. All-natural and made with only one ingredient, Bully Sticks are easy to digest, and won’t splinter apart.

In addition to being healthy, this is a great way for your dog to exercise his need to chew. Your dog’s teeth will be kept healthy and clean. According to the AKC, Periodontal disease is one of the most common diseases in dogs, so helping to prevent it with Bully Sticks is terrific for both you and your dog.

Whether big or small, your dog will enjoy their Bully Sticks. And you’ll enjoy knowing you are offering them a safe and healthy treat, that will also clean their teeth! Find the Bully Stick that’s right for your dog and give them a satisfying and delicious treat!

By Susan McCahan

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