Build Your Dream Getaway with DIY Cabin Kits

Cabin in the woods with sun streaming between the trees

If you’re sick of paying bills, commuting to work and having to talk to people all the time, don’t read this post. DIY Cabin kits can be dangerous to dream about when you’re feeling stressed.

Doing so might inspire you to build a cabin in the woods and disappear for a day or 50. Sounds delightful!

Yes, folks, we live in a world where a person can buy a tiny home ON THE INTERNET — what a time to be alive. 

Returning to the art of living tiny has seen a massive renaissance in the past decade or so. More people than ever are ditching big drafty houses, paring down and fitting their lives into increasingly smaller spaces. 

woman wrapped in blanket looking out the windows of her tiny home
Woman in warm blanket relaxing and drinking morning coffee on cozy bed in log cabin in winter

For those of you who shudder at the thought of parting with half your shoes or giving away books, you’re in luck. No rule says you have to live full-time in one of these DIY little houses. 

Cabin kits are perfect to use as guesthouses, cabins, beach cottages, guest houses, or even a deluxe She-Shed. 

Imagine having your studio, library, writing nook, or painting studio right in your backyard! Does that count as “leaving the house” though? Because I really don’t want to have to put on a bra.

Whatever you use it for, there are tons of options to choose. We’ve rounded up four DIY cabin kits of all sizes and prices that you can buy on Amazon today. 



exterior of Lillevilla Cabin Kit

At under 300 square feet, the Lillevilla solid wood cabin is the smallest cabin on this list. But that number doesn’t include the sleeping loft, which fits two twin beds – or one big-ass bed if you’re so inclined. 

My favorite part of this model is the perfectly proportioned front porch – what a luxury to have in a tiny house! This little treasure can also convert to a permanent residence by adding utility hookups. 

According to the manufacturer, this model takes two-three days for a pair of adults to assemble. Unfortunately, there’s no estimate for how long it would take a “hammer-challenged” woman to build it by herself…but that’s ok. I like a challenge. 

DIY Cabin


  • 292 square feet of combined floor area, not including the sleeping loft 
  • Overall Outside size: 19’8” x 25’3″ 
  • No interior finishing needed
  • Durable, dense grain Nordic Spruce floor and roof
  • Pre-hung and glazed door and window
  • Pre-assembled gables
  • Kit includes all nails, screws, fixings, handles and door lock
  • Free shipping to all 48 contiguous U.S. states. 

Avalon Cabin Kit

exterior of Avalon cabin built from kit

The Avalon cabin kit is another pine-y masterpiece from Allwood that uses space efficiently with a functional floor plan. 

I love that the main room has a high angled ceiling with a small sleeping loft that doesn’t obscure the natural light. Plant lovers, take note! 

living room of Avalon DIY cabin kit

If you live in a cold climate, this is an excellent option for you. The Avalon is made with thicker than usual (2-3/4″) wall planks and is very energy efficient. Assembly of this solid wood cabin takes about a week for two adults. 



  • 540 square feet of living space, not including a sleeping loft
  • All nails, screws, fixings, handles, and door locks included
  • Available with dual or triple glass windows and doors
  • Minimal tools needed for assembly 
  • Comes with easy to follow step-by-step construction guide
  • $32,990 and free shipping 

Tiny Home – Park Model RV 

Exterior of Kemah DIY Cabin Kit

The adorable Kemah Park Model is incredibly roomy and bright and comes move-in ready. 

Kemah conveniently meets the definition of a “park model” RV because it’s built on a single chassis mounted on wheels. Since this cabin kit, when complete, comes on wheels, it tows easily.  

Interior of open living room and kitchen of Kemah model

Place it for long-term use, or permanently park it at any location where an R.V. or mobile home is allowed. If you’re planning on logging lots of miles lugging it on the open road, this could be a huge advantage. 

Kemah’s rolling cabin is highly customizable both inside and out. There are a large variety of siding options and added enhancements like porches, fireplaces and custom cabinets. 

Bathroom of


  • One Bedroom, one bath
  • 15 feet x 26 feet
  • 399 square feet of floor space
  • Comes with a covered front porch
  • Features pine accents, tile flooring, and a decorative barn door
  • Pre-installed kitchen appliances and window coverings
  • High ceilings and lots of storage space
  • Open-concept floor plan



The Eagle Point cabin has a whopping 712 square feet of living space downstairs plus 396 square feet upstairs! 

This unique model is one of the roomiest setups you’ll find and is by far the biggest on this list. If you ever been crazy enough to think about *sharing* a tiny house with another person, this cabin might be the one for you. 

I love the horizontal windows that let in tons of sunlight and make the entire house feel even larger. The covered front entrance looks like the perfect place for patio chairs and a cooler of beverages – guests optional, of course. 

Allwood makes each order individually and has tons of options for customization, such as window shutters, flower boxes, and extra windows. 

Floor Plan of Eagle Point DIY Cabin Kit


  • One bedroom, one bath plus loft 
  • 1,108 square feet of inside floor area
  • Treated foundation timbers
  • Made from Nordic Spruce wood
  • Dual tongue and groove wind block
  • High-quality laminated door
  • $46,900 plus free shipping

Whether you’re living in your tiny house full time or just on the weekends, there’s plenty of options for you to choose from. 

I don’t know about you, but these kits have given me some serious cabin fever. If you don’t hear from me for a few weeks, you know where to find me! 


And by that I mean, please don’t come looking for me. 

If you are looking for other ways to pick up outdoor technology, or home “gear”, check out our blog at  Simply Wonderful Buys

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