Best Vac Ever – Dyson V11 Review

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When it comes to keeping your floors clean, the Dyson V11 Torque Drive vacuum is a game changer. In fact, we think it might qualify as the best vac ever.

Whether you’re dealing with pet hair, crumbs, dirt, or everyday debris, this incredible vacuum is powerful and effective. Dyson is a reliable name when it comes to quality and top of the line vacuums, and their latest model doesn’t disappoint. 

You may be wondering which fantastic Dyson vacuum is right for your home. With lots of quality and high profile models, you might not know which is the best.

We’ve explored the features of the new Dyson V11 and are ready to tell you just how perfect it is for your cleaning needs. You know you can count on us to bring you reviews of the best of the best, and that’s what the Dyson V11 is when it comes to vacuums. 

Vacuuming Effortless

Dyson V11: High-Tech Features

The Dyson V11 features a wide array of high-tech features. If you’re ready to take vacuuming to the next level, then you’ll love these new modern aspects of this vacuum. With all kinds of flashy features, you’ll appreciate how simple this high-tech machine is to use. 

Cordless Makes Vacuuming Effortless

If you’re tired of tripping over the vacuum cord, struggling to avoid running it over or working up a sweat flinging it out of your way as you go, you’ll love this cordless solution. You won’t be sacrificing power or capabilities with this cordless model. 

The Dyson V11 boasts a sixty-minute runtime, enabling you to easily finish the job without needing to charge. This new model is also the most powerful Dyson cordless vacuum, so you don’t have to worry about losing power with a cord-free unit. 

storing a portable dyson vac on the wall charger

LCD Display 

The Dyson V11 features an incredible LCD screen that indicates performance as well as battery life. This feature makes it user-friendly, allowing you to easily read how much battery life you have left. 

It also helps you to determine in which mode the vacuum is operating. In addition to those helpful features, the display also offers videos of how to maintain your vacuum. 

Vacuuming Effortless

Torque Drive Cleaning Head

The Torque Drive Cleaning Head features a brush roll that spins sixty times per second. This model is effective on a variety of floor types, but especially with carpet thanks to this incredible brush roll.

All of the Accessories

The Dyson V11 also features a large assortment of accessories. You’ll be able to conquer any vacuuming job with the many tools that come with this powerful machine. Each tool makes vacuuming easier and more effective. You won’t have to skip over any areas with these on hand. 

The accessories include: 

  • Extension wand: This wand makes either the stick vacuum mode or handheld mode a breeze. Extend your reach to tackle even the hardest to reach areas. 
  • Mini motorized tool: Perfect for use with the handheld feature to clean upholstery, and fantastic for pet hair. 
  • Crevice Tool: if you need to get into hard to reach areas, for instance, between your couch cushions, this accessory is ideal. 
  • Combination Tool: This versatile attachment is fantastic for cleaning your car or furniture. Combining a dusting brush with a crevice tool, you’ll love how useful this accessory is.
  • Mini Soft Dusting Brush and Stubborn Dirt Brush: Whether you’re looking to scrub dirt from hard surfaces, or clean your furniture, these brushes are perfect. 
  • Docking Station: The docking station houses your vacuum when not in use and also accommodates up to two accessories. 

Cleaning Performance Based on Surface

dyson vacuum moving from floor to carpet

Whether you’re vacuuming on carpet, laminate, or hardwood, the Dyson V11 won’t let you down. If you have multiple surfaces in your home, this vacuum is a perfect “one size fits all” machine. From your carpet in the living room to the hardwood in the kitchen, you’ll experience the same astonishing results. 

Using the Dyson V11 on a carpet is ideal as it performs remarkably. Regardless of the type of debris, this powerful vacuum easily removes everything. On hardwood floors, the vacuum is still incredibly effective but does take slightly longer to ensure everything is sucked up.

Depending on the type of debris on your hardwood floor, the roller brush may first scatter the debris before sucking it all up. 

Lightweight and Maneuverable 

In addition to these incredible features and performance, you’ll appreciate the lightweight make of the Dyson V11. With a base that swivels with ease and a flexible wand, you can vacuum any surface with ease. Weighing just over six pounds, you’ll find vacuuming a breeze as it glides over carpet, hardwood, or any surface. 

The Latest in Quality and Technology

If you love modern technology when it comes to your household appliances, the Dyson V11 is the perfect selection. This new model features high-tech components as well as the highest in quality. 

From the powerful suction to automatic adjustment for various floor types, you can’t go wrong with this remarkable vacuum. The LCD screen helps you understand your vacuum’s battery life and mode. You’ll love the wide variety of accessories, making any vacuuming job possible. 

Make Cleaning House Enjoyable with Dyson V11

While cleaning the house isn’t always fun and can be time-consuming, the Dyson V11 can transform the way you complete your chores. Vacuuming can be made easy and quick with this cord-free, lightweight, powerful tool. 

Whether your home includes carpet or hardwood, or a combination, the Dyson V11 will meet all of your vacuuming needs. The reliable name of Dyson gives you the confidence in knowing you’ll be satisfied with this vacuum. 

Take control of your household cleaning responsibilities with this high-tech, easy-to-use, efficient vacuum. You’ll get your floors looking fantastic in no time with the Dyson V11. From pet hair to Cheerios, to dirt and dust, your floors will be cleaner than ever before. To check out other tips on making life easier, check out our blog, Simply Wonderful Buys.

By Susan McCahan

"Of all the paths you take in life make sure a few of them are dirt." ~ John Muir, Father of the National Parks

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