Best Solar Christmas Lights for 2018

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Have you seen the movie “Christmas Vacation”? The Griswolds used enough electricity to power the entire city with their Christmas light decorating.

The quagmire of extension cords was not only a fire hazard, and a safety hazard, but also had enough juice flowing to trip ALL the circuits breakers!

Old Navy Winter

This was all very entertaining, but I think we can agree we don’t want this situation to be recreated in our own front yards. With that said, I’m taking the environmentally conscious route with this article.

The following collection of holiday decorations is the absolute best solar Christmas lights available this year.

Solar Christmas Trees Wall & Fence Decor

Wall & Fence Decor

A little twist on decorating with solar power, this sweet little number is great for decorating a fence, a railing, a wall, and other areas you may want to dress up for the holidays.

The solar lit trees come in packs of four, standing 14 inches each, and measures a full 72 inches long. Each tree features a pretty red bow – very festive!

Of course, they are completely solar powered and include the required rechargeable battery. Team them up with some garland, and it will be a breeze to transform a plain wall or fence into a beautiful holiday display.

Each kit includes hooks on the back for easy installation. Click here to buy these pretty little solar Christmas trees today.

Solar Christmas Caroler Shadow Stakes

Caroler Shadow Stakes

Do you enjoy a group of Christmas carolers at your door? This 3-piece set of carolers will not even ask for cider or cookies!

The set includes the silhouette of a man and a woman singing carols along with a solar-powered lamp post that illuminates when the sun goes down. The lamp post has a pretty holiday wreath.

At nearly 35 inches high, the lamp post is mounted on an iron stake as are the 24-inch carolers. This set makes a nice addition to your yard where passers-by will imagine they can almost hear the singing.

Click here to pick up this delightful 3-piece set today.

Solar Cherub Cupid Angel Lights

Cupid Angel Lights

Who doesn’t like angels? Especially little glowy baby ones. This little cherub glistens at night and lights the yard or garden with a soft heavenly glow.

The little cupid is really not that little. She stands tall at a full 35 inches. She is mounted on a stainless steel stake so you can place her anywhere you need a little extra love.

You can even get a few of them and place them as sentries along your driveway or entryway. Everyone who drives by or comes to visit will feel blessed in her presence.

The solar-powered Christmas angel includes a rechargeable battery, so she’ll remain lit well into the night. Click here to add the little angel to accent your holiday decorating today!

Fairy Lights Solar String Lights Multi Color

Solar String Lights Multi Color

Not intended to decorate your outdoor hot tub, these merry lights are still a fun addition to any yard decoration scheme. The glow of 200 LED lights will brighten any spot needing a bit more holiday cheer.

Made with 3 strands of thin, durable and flexible copper wire, these solar Christmas lights can be formed into any shape you desire.

There are 8 different light modes you can set including twinkling, fireflies flashing, fading, waves or steady.  Claim yours here . 

2-Foot Mini Holiday Tree

Mini Holiday Tree

A 2-foot tree in your yard might not sound like much fun. But try pairing this little baby with a string of multi-color fairy solar lights, and you have the perfect little accent piece for an out-of-the-way place, like a balcony, porch, or walkway.

This is no “Charlie Brown Christmas Tree.” There are 60 tips of evergreen, so it looks lush and full.

I can’t guarantee any Cardinals or Blue Jays will find it appealing, but you’ll adore seeing this baby all lit up when you come home at night.

Place it strategically where you can see it from your favorite evening perch, and you’ll find delight in it every night. Very easy to assemble. Click here to pick out your tree.

Icicle Solar String Lights

Solar String Lights

Icicles that won’t freeze on your tongue!  The multi-colored solar icicles lights will stay lite around 8 hours when fully charged.

Each string has 40 LED lights and 8 different lighting modes to choose between so you can be mellow or wild, depending on the occasion or your mood.

If you are looking for something just a little different, these icicles might be just what you are looking for to brighten up your yard over the holidays.

If you are serious about cutting your electric footprint, but still want lights and color, try out these Solar Christmas Lights and have some fun! Pick up yours here.

Set of 2 Solar Power Lighted Candle Red Poinsettia Flowers

Set of 2 Solar Power Lighted Candle

These Poinsettia plants won’t turn yellow and drop leaves two days after Christmas.  But they look classy when you see that flickering yellow light glowing in the dark.

The set comes with two tree-shaped stakes with a red poinsettia at the base of the tree.  Unlike some decorations that look rather drab during the day, the gold star, and golden berries tucked into the greenery make this delightful day or night.

You’ll be ready to go since the AA rechargeable battery is included.  If you’re ready for a touch of class in your yard, check out the poinsettia.

Multi-Colored Solar Outdoor String Lights

Outdoor String Lights

72 feet with 200 LED string of lights? Decorating your yard will be a cinch with this kind of flexibility. This string of fairy solar lights is indoor/outdoor and can withstand any weather that comes your way, including snow and heavy rain.

This multi-colored solar light string has 8 special effect modes to choose from, including flashing, steady, twinkling, and fading.

Mesmerizing twinkling will continue for over 8 hours after the sun goes down and who needs more than that. No extension cords required! Click here to buy these pretty solar lights today.

Snowflake Waterproof Solar Christmas Fairy Lights

Fairy Lights

What a great way to decorate your garden! These festive snowflake solar Christmas fairy lights are waterproof, high performance, LED lights will illuminate your yard completely using the power of the sun.

Snowflakes will remain brightly lit for over 10 hours when fully charged. Keep your hedges, fences, and trees warm and festive well after the sun goes down.

Each string is 20 feet long with 30 lights per string so make sure to measure for your needs before you order. Click here to add these little beauties to your shopping cart.

Solar Christmas Light Extravaganza!

With all of these wonderful choices, who can pick just one? Why not go all out and pick a few treasures to make your yard, patio, or garden the envy of the neighborhood?

With the wide variety of styles …some items on stakes, some items mounted, and some string lights, you will have a mixture of trimmings that will round out your decorating scheme perfectly.

The best part about the whole plan is that it is all powered by the sun. You will not find yourself with an outrageous January electric bill. Griswolds you are not! Cheaper, safer, and all-around, just pretty.

Enjoy decorating your home this year, but don’t wait too long. Putting up decorations in the beautiful fall weather is preferable to fighting a winter storm to get your decorations out there. Solar Christmas lights are the way to go this year.

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By Susan McCahan

"Of all the paths you take in life make sure a few of them are dirt." ~ John Muir, Father of the National Parks

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