Best Home Theater Systems

Home Theater Systems

Life is getting busier all the time. I find myself staying home more often. One of my best discoveries is bringing the feel of being out at the movies into the comfort of home. There is no need to get ready or dressed up. Add your favorite treats to the mix, and you have a great night that the whole family can enjoy together. You can’t beat the comfort of your home while enjoying a quality home theatre system.

I’ve included a list of the best home theatre systems out there. These systems include everything that movie buff, televised sports fanatic, gamer, or everyday television watcher would want in a home theatre set up. Imagine enjoying the same quality sound a theatre would offer while listening to your favorite tunes or watching that same crystal clear picture quality a movie theatre has on your T.V. Check out the links below and see which will fit your home needs.

Pioneer Home Theatre System

Pioneer Home Theatre SystemThe Pioneer Home Theatre system is a smaller scale home theatre system proving to be a perfect purchase. This particular setup comes with four HDMI inputs that give you great options for connecting gaming systems, DVD players, etc. to fit all of your home theatre system needs, as well as AM/FM radio. It is 3D ready, compatible with Blu-ray Disc, broadcasts, and games.

 My Pioneer System also has Bluetooth technology built into it for connectivity, allowing you to play personal playlists through your smartphone or tablet or enjoying premium content off of compatible screens.

One of the more notable capabilities this setup has is its HDR technology, meaning that the system can drastically expand the brightness peak, giving higher contrast between light and dark images. This feature creates even more life-like pictures to match the high-quality sound it produces. The speakers sound great, the subwoofer gives a significant amount of “boom,” and for the price, this set up leaves little to be missed and lots to look forward to when using it. You can find the Pioneer Home Theater System here.

Yamaha Home Theatre in a Box

Yamaha Home TheatrThis Yamaha Home Theatre in a Box system offers wireless speakers and the option to mount them. giving even more of a theatre-at-home feel. While this system may not be the cheapest option out there, the upgrades this system have made it well worth the purchase. It shows in the quality of picture, sound, and details such as giving you customization of how much noise comes out of each speaker.

There is even an additional bass setting to help boost the boom in the smaller features, which is often a huge hit with the men. For me,  give me a clear quality sound, and I’m happy! This system has perfect sound production that is clear. The wireless speakers also carry many more options as far as placement goes, even providing an alternative opportunity to mount them for actual surround sound quality.

The speakers are smaller-than-average, but their sound proves to be larger-than-life. Their size is perfect for mounting and offer a sound that far surpasses their size. This particular set up also boasts 4k Ultra-HD video with HDCP 2.2 compatibility. When setting up the system for optimum sound, this specific system offers a microphone in aiding you in achieving the perfect tone to suit all of your needs. If you’re in the market for the top-of-the-line home theatre system, look no further. You can purchase it here.  

Onkyo Home Theatre System

Onkyo Home Theatre System

If you’re not a huge sound speaker buff, but you still want great sound for a more affordable price, the Onkyo Home Theatre System is the one to look at when shopping. The subwoofer doesn’t pack a punch big enough to rattle your neighbor’s windows. It didn’t matter much considering most of my movie watching is in the comfort of my bed or living room.

The set includes six high-quality pieces to make up the surround-sound speaker system that is perfect for smaller living spaces.

This home theatre system boasts a crisp and clear sound.  It also has Bluetooth capability to mirror another compatible screen, phone, or tablet. It offers easy setup with one cable linking to your T.V. and formatting the display capabilities your existing T.V. carries and even video formats with HDR, giving an even more clear and lifelike color in your pictures and video. Overall, this Onkyo Home Theatre system offers lots of bang for its buck. I’ve linked it for you here.

VIZIO Home Theatre Sound Bar

VIZIO Home Theatre Sound Bar

When the Home Theatre Sound Bars first started circulating the stores, they generated excitement for not only myself but most movie and home theatre fanatics. Long gone are the days of being forced to lug around large speakers. And finding the perfect spot for speakers to get perfect surround sound quality is no longer a nightmare.

This sleek and slim design has built-in Wi-Fi capabilities offering you uninterrupted screen time from calls or text. Whereas, Bluetooth technology doesn’t always give you that freedom.A great feature is also the virtual overhead sound this sound bar presents. A real surround sound experience without the cost of additional speaker placements. I like the lightweight bar. And it’s easy to maneuver the speakers to the places they need to be to achieve the best sound options.

The customization options are endless. And you aren’t sacrificing the aesthetic of your home with large speakers peeking out from every corner. You’ll be pleasantly surprised with how much sound generates from such a sleek and slim bar. Click here to purchase the VIZIO Home Theatre Sound Bar.

Why Wait to Purchase?

Purchasing a home theatre system made a drastic difference in my movie-watching experience, and it’s well worth the buy. One use will give you all the affirmation you need. And a few nights with your system will leave you asking how you ever lived without one of your own.

Each of these options is bound to fulfill expectations and surpass all of your sound and picture needs. And if you’re needing a few fantastic chocolate snacks to accompany movie night, check out our Gourmet Chocolate selection here.  

Home Theater

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