Bed-in-a-Box: Sealy Adaptive Comfort Layers Review

Breaking Alarm Clock

Sleep is essential. If you have ever gone days without getting enough sleep, you start to feel it. Have you gone more than a couple days only getting a few hours of sleep? Or have you pulled an all-nighter or two? Lack of sleep affects your daily life.

According to Medical News Today, if you consistently get less than this amount, your body pays the toll and begins to accumulate a sleep debt. Some symptoms of having a sleep debt are lack of ability to maintain focus, depression, weight gain, and many other symptoms.


One potential reason for not getting enough sleep, or not getting quality sleep is the quality of your mattress. A Sealy mattress is an excellent choice if you are in the market for an improved sleeping experience. Long recognized as a high-quality company, Sealy is a titan in the bedding industry.

The Specs

This particular Sealy mattress comes in three different sizes, either eight-inch, ten-inch, or twelve-inch. You can choose between twin, full, queen, or king.

Sealy combines CertiPUR-US Certified materials to manufacture a high-quality bed that will last. The high-density memory foam contours to your body and provides support that relieves pressure and discomfort as you sleep. This medium-firm Sealy mattress is a perfect fit for all sleeping positions.


When you purchase any Sealy mattress that is memory foam, you will get a layer of premium adaptive memory foam that supports and comforts your body. There is also a layer of high-grade conventional foam as the base to allow for cooling air to flow through the bed.

If you purchase the eight-inch, you will receive a two-inch adaptive memory foam layer and six-inch base. With the ten-inch, there is a two-inch adaptive memory foam layer, a three-inch responsive comfort foam layer, and five inches of base.

The twelve-inch mattress offers the highest level of comfort with three inches of adaptive memory foam, four inches of responsive comfort foam, and five inches of supportive base.

There is a cover that is removable if you need to wash it. The comfort cover is a soft, circular knit protective cover that adds to the softness of the mattress.

Each Sealy mattress is compressed into a plastic wrap and packaged in a box for easy shipping. It will be delivered right to your door. To set up, unroll the mattress on your bed frame, open the plastic wrap, and watch it grow to its full eight, ten, or twelve inches.

Each Sealy mattress

Why Buy Sealy Adaptive Comfort Layers

Sealy mattresses have been around for years. Sealy has sold more than forty million mattresses in the last 130 years. The name Sealy is synonymous with high-quality and durable beds. Sealy Adaptive Comfort Layers Mattress is the next generation in comfort.

On top of that, Sealy designs and manufactures their mattresses in the USA. Because Sealy closely monitors the assembly of each bed, you can be sure of the quality and durability. Sealy also offers a ten-year limited warranty.

Memory foam is regarded as one of the best mattresses to purchase if you have joint pain, pressure points while sleeping, or alignment issues. Because memory foam cradles your body while you sleep, these issues are generally relieved while you sleep.

No more flipping and flopping while you are looking for a comfortable position to find comfort from pain.


Memory foam is also hypoallergenic. If you have a history of battling allergies, you should consider a Sealy mattress that is memory foam. Allergens, as well as dust mites, are not trapped inside the mattress like traditional mattresses. You should breathe more comfortable at night.

Whatever sleeping position you prefer, or if you don’t have a typical sleeping position, memory foam is a fantastic option. This mattress easily accommodates all sleeping positions. Furthermore, if your partner moves at night, you will not feel their motion.

Memory foam mattresses are also easy to care for and durable. Just rotate the bed a couple of times a year and vacuum as necessary. With this Sealy mattress, you can even wash the removable cover.

What Customers are Saying

An incredible 91% of customers leaving four and five-star reviews. There is no doubt this is a quality mattress, and satisfied sleepers are enjoying it everywhere.

One customer mentions though they were skeptical to purchase a bed online, they trust the brand.

     “The mattress came vacuum-sealed in plastic. I set it in place, opened the bag and it inflated with no problem. A tiny bit of “new foam”      smell, but it subsided within the day. It’s super comfy – feels like a plush mattress topper over a firm mattress, so overall, the feeling to me is more plush than medium-firm, which is good for me as a side sleeper. Good value, overall.”


Another sleeper says that…

     “This is a great green mattress…We put a 2” topper on it but really does not need it. No odor came to size …in a couple hours and slept on it first night. Recommend if you like medium firm. Confirms to body well, no motion in and out. Well worth few dollars over many of lesser priced.”

A satisfied customer writes

    “This is exactly what I needed to upgrade my sleep quality! I have chronic back pain from past injury. My spring mattress and box spring made me hurt consistently…I LOVE it…I feel so much less aches and pains when I get up. The first night, I wasn’t sure if the firmness of the mattress was going to work for me. By the second night I couldn’t wait to go to bed. Highly recommend this purchase if you want to sleep better. The fact that it’s pretty affordable compared to traditional mattresses and box springs is a nice bonus too.”

In Summary…

If you are looking for a high-quality bed that is affordable from a brand you can trust, look no further than this Sealy mattress. The eight, ten, or twelve inches of adaptive memory foam and support layers will have you waking up refreshed, alert, and ready to take on the day.

After this bed is conveniently delivered right to your door, you can set it up and be sleeping on it within a day or two: no more pain in your joints, uncomfortable pressure points, or alignment issues. You do not need to worried about allergens or dust mites. With this Sealy mattress, you will be sleeping soundly every night for years to come.  Stamp out insomnia with Sealy Adaptive Comfort Layer Mattress!

By CJ Bentley

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